Bottom Line Success In Hiring Sales Talent

Botton Line Success in Hiring Sales Talent 06-07-19-01

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Never before has obtaining and developing top sales talent been so crucial to organizational success.

What Our Tactical Guide Includes

Learn the dramatic benefits that hiring high performing sales talent can have on your organization and how we can help you achieve your sales goals

Identify and develop top sales talent in an increasingly competitive job market
Identify key competencies required for strong sales performance
Learn the critical competency that is lacking in many sales representatives

Stop the Revolving Door of Sales Hires.

Manufacturers today can’t afford a revolving door of sales hires. Start building powerful sales teams capable of sustaining future business growth and reduce turnover by learning the critical steps to making the perfect hire – every time.

We're Sales Talent Experts

The XBInsight team has decades of experience partnering with manufacturing companies on their most important sales talent initiatives. We’ve developed a hiring methodology, backed by science, that goes beyond technical know-how to assess soft skills, problem solving abilities, and behavioral attributes. 

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About XBInsight

XBInsight is a sophisticated and innovative talent assessment company that partners with leading companies to provide actionable information to make smart people-focused decisions that drive business impact. We offer the only HR technology solution that integrates assessment data throughout the employment lifecycle — helping clients ensure their people are in the right roles, are developed in the right ways, and are prepared for leadership challenges as effectively and efficiently as possible.