Global Imaging Company Case Study: Identified the right 60 candidates post-merger using data-driven process  


The Challenge:

In the rapidly growing printing and document solution areas, one leading global company acquired another major company. As a result of the merger, a newly formed sales operations team consisting of Color Solutions Analysts, Production Printing Solutions Engineers and Regional Managers had 60 open positions with over 100 potential candidates between the two companies. The organization needed to identify a process that would assist them in quickly identifying each candidate’s qualifications in order to choose the best 60 people for these field positions.

The Preparation:

The leaders recognized that success in their organization required very specific technical skills and experience which was relatively easy for them to measure. They needed a better understanding of how effective employees were at managing customer relationships, problem solving, and communicating with others. XBInsight worked with the leadership team to customize individual benchmarks to identify the core competencies, motivators and critical thinking skills that would drive successful performance in each position.

The Implementation:

The client was able to use the assessment data to identify skill gaps, strengths and weaknesses of each candidate relative to the specific areas defined in their benchmarks.

The Results: 

Within 6 weeks the organization had identified the right people for all 60 open positions and was confident that they were successful in assembling very best team possible. Today, the organization continues to use the XBInsight system for selection, onboarding and development of all new hires.


Topics: Performance Management