What defines a successful leader? XBInsight has the answer down to a science.

Based on our extensive research and experience working with leaders all over the world, we have identified the seven most important qualities—or super competencies—that define great leaders. Jumpstart leadership development with a free Super Competency Assessment.

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See how the Super Competency Assessment identifies high potential leaders earlier in their careers and promotes proactive succession planning by delivering valuable insights about the development needed to build a pipeline of future leaders.



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Our XBInsight Super Competency Assessment categorizes the functional and managerial skills that predict leadership success in a specific job and industry. The assessment helps identify and develop high-potential talent to fill leadership pipelines and build succession plans, as well as evaluate development needs for current leaders.

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Although the super competency categories themselves remain constant, the compontnet elements are customized by job and industry. They measure the most relevant skills for the specific profile, allowing companies to determine the specific resources leaders need to perform and progress in their careers.

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XBInsight is a sophisticated and innovative talent assessment agency that partners with leading companies to provide actionable information to make smart, people-focused decisions that drive business impact. We offer the only HR technology solution that integrates assessment data throughout the employment lifecycle — helping clients ensure their people are in the right roles, are developed in the right ways, and are prepared for leadership challenges as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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