XBInsight Talent Assessment System

Better data leads to better talent, better fit, and ultimately better workforce performance.

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Eliminate the guesswork in hiring and developing your talent

The XBInsight Assessment System is a flexible, custom tailored solution that measures and integrates employee competencies, skills and behavioral data, to determine the right fit for both an organization's unique culture and its specific job categories and levels. The results are mapped to benchmark data specific to your organization and industry - eliminating the guesswork in hiring and developing your talent.

Customized Talent Assessment System

Not a one-size-fits-all template

Our system is not an "off-the-shelf" product. Our custom tailored solution maps benchmark data for specific jobs, job categories, and levels within your organization. 

Integrated Talent Assessment Solution


Links data across the talent life-cycle 

Our industry-leading, proprietary assessment system predicts soft skills and problem-solving skills to optimize performance and potential throughout the employment life-cycle. We help people and teams perform to their true potential and turn the promise of talent into practical results.

Validated Talent Assessment Solution


Backed by high validity, reliability and security

To deliver better talent decisions, assessment solutions must be science- and evidence-based. Our system combines the best of science, technology and expertise from the most experienced minds  in the assessment field.


Integrated across the talent life-cycle

The only assessment system that provides organizations with the ability to assess, predict and enable workforce performance beginning with initial hire and progressing through the talent life-cycle. Our approach provides a streamlined view of talent analytics while ensuring all decisions made throughout the employment life-cycle are data-driven, scientifically-backed and performance-driving. 

Talent Lifecycle

Make educated, data driven decisions


Our validated, reliable system combines the best of science, technology and insights from the best minds in the assessment field to ensure the prediction of both performance and potential. It is the most effective, proven assessment platform on the market and has helped hundreds of companies make educated, data-driven decisions from recruitment to leadership succession. Our spectrum of professional indicators will guide your decision making, whether filling a specific position, building a high-performing team, or planning for a smooth transition. 



Having used XB's system with clients for selection, development and training initiatives for many years, I can attest to the incredible accuracy and depth of insight that these tools provide. There is no better system out there that can assist an organization with predicting performance and potential when making hiring decisions. Whether developing individual employees, high performing teams or customizing entire training programs, the XB system is the key ingredient to take an organization to the next level.
Cindy Lesher Fox
Director, Training & Client Services
We are the only company with an HR technology solution that integrates assessment data throughout the entire employment lifecycle - helping clients ensure the people they hire and the people employed by the organization are put in the right roles, are developed the right ways, and are prepared for upcoming leadership challenges, as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Kathi Graham-Leviss
President & Founder


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