Virtual Hiring Made Easy


How do you truly understand a candidate's job fit and performance abilities without meeting in person?

It's effortless with the XB Assessment Platform, which identifies individuals who fit your specific culture.

And here's a bonus: our assessments keep delivering value as employees progress through the organization.


Eliminate the Guesswork in Hiring 

Just like your organization, we're one-of-a-kind. Unlike any other assessment, the XB Assessment Platform measures behavioral styles and values along with competencies and critical thinking skills. It's a robust approach that supports data-driven decisions throughout the talent life-cycle; for virtual and in-person environments.


Eliminate the Guesswork in Hiring with The XB Assessment Platform
A High-Tech Platform with High-Impact Value

A High-Tech Platform with High-Impact Value

The XB Assessment Platform combines the best of science, technology, and expertise from the most experienced minds in the assessment field. Best of all, it's custom-tailored to specific jobs, categories, industries, and career levels.

  • Job-specific competencies vs. general personality traits
  • Customizable to industry-specific roles for a better fit
  • Fully automated analysis available on demand
  • Streamlined interface for a positive applicant experience


Better Data Generates Better Insights

XBInsight helps hundreds of companies translate assessment data into measurable business results. It all comes down to the actionable insights and clear road maps that come standard in our XB Assessment Platform, which support accurate hiring, improved job performance, and greater cultural alignment.

  • Validated measurements ensure the right people are hired and promoted
  • Data and technology that integrate into your current talent strategy
  • Selection assessment readily converts to a development version
  • Ease-of-us brings clarity to decision-making in virtual environments


Better Data Generates Better Hiring Insights

Tomorrow's Results Start with Today's Assessments

Strengthen your culture and shape the future with the XB Assessment Platform. Let us show you how easy it is to adopt a streamlined approach to solid talent decisions.