XBL Assessment System

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The Fastest Way to Identify the Right Candidate.

Accelerate hiring with the XBL Assessment System, the first competency assessment designed to intelligently and efficiently identify best-qualified candidates.

  • Assess a candidates’ cognitive and critical thinking skills to discover who can do the job today, investing time only on pre-qualified candidates
  • A fully customizable talent assessment that can be tailored specifically to jobs across a variety industries.
  • A fully automated system that delivers easy-to-interpret assessment reports that require no coaching or analysis
  • Based on data and backed by science, this assessment drives better-informed decisions when building your internal staff.

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Innovative Technology

  • Automated and available to candidates at any time.
  • Customizable to industry specific roles.
  • Competencies are directly related to job requirements rather than general personality traits.
  • Streamlined technology provides a great applicant experience.
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Actionable Insights

  • The ability to see trends in the applicant pool broken out by job type is valuable for both recruiting and on-boarding.
  • Easy for hiring managers to connect the dots between test scores and successful hires.
  • Norms and cut scores work together to control your applicant flow.

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